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Monitor your radio Ads & music in real-time with Qisimah.


Qisimah is a radio content verification platform that allows brands to monitor their campaigns in real-time.




Fingerprinted Files



Are you a musician?

Get real-time notification on songs played. With our intelligent monitoring system, we are able to tell you who is playing your song, how often they play it and their location.

Live Detections
Details Broadcaster Location Time


Live 91.9fm Accra, Ghana 12:32:06


Live 91.9fm Johanesburg, South Africa 12:31:06


Live 91.9fm Johanesburg, South Africa 12:30:06

Do you Advertise on radio?

We make ad monitoring easy for advertisers and marketers by tracking when and where ads are played. Qisimah helps you discover who's listening, determine how to better target your ads and save on ad spends that do not reach the right ear.

We help marketers and advertisers accurately verify in real-time when their adverts are aired on radio and measure the number of impressions their adverts get simultaneously, across multiple broadcasters.

Are you a radio station?

Deliver your internet radio stream to any device, anywhere, with ease with Qisimah Hosting. Expand your reach beyond the capabilities of your antenna tower and reach millions of potential listeners worldwide.

Monitor your Ads and music on radio and gain more insights

Content Upload

Upload your content to Qisimah's database to start monitoring.

Broadcast Monitoring

Select the broadcasters which you would like to monitor.

Real-time Notifications

Get real-time notification when your content is aired.

Broadcast Reports

Receive broadcaster statistics and analytics on content uploaded.

Would like to know more?

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  • Unlimited Song Upload
  • 1 Personal Account
  • Broadcast Monitoring in 1 country
  • Realtime Notifications
  • Broadcaster Statistics
  • Analytics


  • Unlimited Song Upload
  • Multiple Artists
  • Broadcast Monitoring (Multiple Countries)
  • Realtime Notifications
  • Broadcaster Statistics
  • Analytics
  • Head-to-Head song comparison

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